Meet Lucy
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- Nina Simoes on August 1, 2014 inStory

Here at Learn Do Share, we practice what we preach. To show you what we mean by purposeful storytelling, we’ve been working on a story with a purpose – and it all begins here.

We’ve been working with Robert Pratten and Eduardo Iglesias of Conducttr, Ravensbourne student Robert Andre, storyteller Jonathan Goddard and writer David Varela to create an interactive story that you can explore right now.

It’s the story of Lucy Maddox, a fictional girl (based on a lot of research) who is struggling with the realities of being ‘statutory homeless’ in the London area. She’s smart, she’s funny, but she’s in an unpleasant situation that tens of thousands of people are facing in the UK every day.

Find out what it’s really like. Read about her situation and then drop her a line or send her an SMS. She promises to reply.