Reboot Stories Lab – Future Cities


Step into a 48-hour pressure cooker and rapidly design and prototype sustainable solutions in collaboration with 40 other selected participants.

Reboot Stories Labs are a living think-and-do event that uses storytelling, design thinking, game mechanics and future scenario design to unleash the imagination of many. On 5th and 6th September  the Reboot Stories Lab in London will run in conjunction with the Learn Do Share programme.

In this instalment of the Lab, solutions will be designed that enable London to become a thriving city in the near future. We will challenge the social and cultural fabric of the city as well as the economic infrastructure. As SME’s are the cornerstone of any economy and society they will play a crucial role in the exploration of this Lab. If you want to experience a learning journey and work on solutions that blend storytelling, futures thinking, technology and design thinking and if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then sign up for the Lab now. There are only 40 seats available and they run out fast.

You can apply for the Lab by answering some additional questions when you register for Learn Do Share LONDON 

If you have questions please contact Nina Simoes on

What past participants have said about the Lab:

Thank you so much – we spent a wonderful few days with the entire team. What a rich, interesting experience! I’m already looking forward to next year and seeing how we’ve all moved forward with what we’ve learned…” Alyssa Landry, Paris

It was a very compelling gathering, with a stellar quality of engaged attendees. I look forward to keeping in touch with many of you! Nicholas de Wolff, Los Angeles

Those two days showed us that sharing ideas leads to action, and action leads to progress. And now we have tools to trigger collaborative thinking and doing. I’m truly inspired to carry on, to keep this spirit alive, to reject the barriers of conventional thinking, to rest only when the benefit of the 100% is realised. Alex Herrmann, New York

I was not entirely sure what I was entering. Its is described as a “living think-and-do event,” a “think tank meets social hackathon,” but even with these explanations I could not have anticipated what the Reboot Stories Lab would be for me. What I experienced was a complete change in perspective triggered by the enriching and engaging environment I was presented. The people involved were not only inspiring, but inspired.  Xochitl, Los Angeles

Thank you for giving us that safe space to co-create in.  Mireille Paquet, Paris