Excerpt from the Learn Do Share PARIS book
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- Claire Doughty on August 19, 2014 inUncategorized

Learn Do Share is more than just an event. Following on from each event, a Learn Do Share book is produced by the community; a collaborative effort that captures the insights, ideas and trends emerging from our events. On September 5th the Paris edition of the book will be released. Big thanks to the team of volunteers, who came together to write, edit and design the 60+ page book.

What’s Next

One of the exciting developments for DIY days in 2014 is a name change. After running 21 events over the last six years we are shedding our name, which served us well but in many ways we have out grown. While we still embody certain DIY (do it yourself) principles, in the sense that our events are
free and open while also encouraging participants to roll up their sleeves and DO, it is not about an individual but rather a community taking action. Over time we’ve witnessed a desire from those who attend our events to connect and collaborate. Many come to recharge their creative batteries, to
find collaborators and to tackle a challenge.

In response we’re pleased to share our new name. Welcome to Learn Do Share. A simple yet descriptive series of three words that embodies our philosophy and describes exactly what you’ll experience if you attend one of our events. The morning sessions highlight speakers who inspire with a mix of theory and practice. In the afternoon participants rollup their sleeves and step into a series of workshops, labs and hacks that enable them to collaborate. Then the day concludes with all the participants coming together for a knowledge and skill share that helps to ignite collaborations and action long after the event ends.

Over the last four years, we’ve collaborated with Jorgen van der Sloot and FreedomLab to design and prototype a social innovation lab that mixes storytelling, play and design thinking to explore solutions for complex problems. The Learn Do Share lab runs at our events as well as having been staged for Columbia University, the UN and the Danish Government.

As we move into the fall Learn Do Share is growing amazing ways.

Our Learn Do Share lab’s methodology and framework which we like to call an OS (operating system) is being adapted by Universities, non-profits organizations and makerspaces as a tool to help tackle complex problems by harnessing storytelling, play, designing thinking and collaboration.

We’ve established our first Learn Do Share prototyping lab at the Village of Arts and Humanities in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. The lab is currently developing a number of programs at the Village such as a Mesh Network what will provide high speed internet in exchange for knowledge and skill sharing by residents of the community.

This past June we partnered with Francois Taddei to explore how youth can help to design the future. Youth delegates traveled to Paris for a series of events known as NightScience. Our Learn Do Share lab provided the foundation for a number of open design challenges. In 2015, we’ll be working with Francois Taddei and others in Europe as we explore the future of education at Learn Do Share PARIS.

By the time 2014 wraps up we will have held 9 events this year and we’re on track to hold 15 in 2015. Learn Do Shares are being staged in Paris, London, Barcelona, Ghent, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Vienna, Melbourne, New York, LA, Philadelphia, Boston and Toronto.

Our goal is to continue to evolve Learn Do Share into a social sandbox that encourages creative problem solving by designing “with” and “for” in an attempt to address challenges and improve our cities.

We’re always looking for collaborators so if you’d like to bring Learn Do Share to your city, school, organization or community we’d love to hear from you.

Interested in reading more? Check out the Learn Do Share books